Employers For Childcare produces a range of publications for parents, employers, policy makers and academic audiences.

Social Impact Report 2018/19

Employers For Childcare has identified £66 million in support for families.

Northern Ireland Childcare Survey 2019

The cost of a week’s holiday childcare has soared by £52 over the last ten years, and now costs £145 on average.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2018

Families are still spending more on childcare than food and heat - for two thirds of parents childcare is their largest or second largest outgoing

Social Impact Report 2017/18

Since 2008, Employers For Childcare has invested £6.2 million into helping working families across the UK.

Comprehensive Guide to Tax-Free Childcare

Let us guide you through Tax-Free Childcare

Randox Group endorses campaign to #SaveChildcareVouchers

Randox Group endorsement of campaign to #SaveChildcareVouchers

Analysis of the Government’s response to the Treasury Committee’s ‘Report on Childcare’

Treasury Committee reiterates its call to keep Childcare Vouchers open

Experiences of Childcare Providers in Northern Ireland Report

Highlighting the experiences of childcare providers in Northern Ireland who are vital to providing childcare & supporting working parents.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2017

Childcare is a barrier to work: the average cost of a full-time childcare place in NI is £168 per week, equivalent to almost 40% of average household income.

Social Impact Report 2016/17

Since 2008, Employers For Childcare have invested £5.2 million into providing services for working families.