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We're here to help

We know parents are juggling a hundred and one things: managing the school schedule; childcare; after school activities; work deadlines; and family commitments. Employers For Childcare is here to help. We can help ease some of the burden on parents by offering a Freephone helpline 0800 028 3008 and personalised advice and guidance to ensure you and your family is getting the financial support you are entitled to.

Our work is two-fold, we administer a free telephone helpline and an outreach service alongside carrying out research and lobbying work on your behalf.  Last year we helped over 11,000 people and carried out more than 4,400 personalised benefits checks – parents who received one of these checks identified average savings of over £5,600.

So whether it’s help with choosing childcare, help with childcare costs or finding employment and benefits advice – contact our helpline on 0800 028 3008 or Get in touch and we will do our best to help.


Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Kate Nicholl chats to Chris Briggs, Senior Family Benefits Advisor with Employers For Childcare to find out more about how the Family Benefits Advice Service can support families to find out what financial support they are entitled to, including with their childcare costs.


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