Family Friendly Employer

Employers For Childcare has been working with employers across all sectors for the past twenty years to make it easier for parents with dependent children to get into work and stay in work.

We work alongside employers to deliver advice and information on Family Friendly policies that are practical and cost-free. We endeavor to promote how these policies will increase  staff loyalty and retention rates. It is long documented in research that when an employee feels valued and supported in their job, their work ethic and output will increase. Those employees with dependents need support and flexibility in order to balance their work and family commitments.

Our own research  Striking the Balance shows the difficulties parents face in reaching a suitable work-life balance – 91% of respondents commented that it is difficult to combine work commitments with family responsibilities, while 77% agreed that it was more difficult to progress or develop a career after having children. On a positive note, employees with supportive employers were more satisfied with their work-life balance. The benefits of supporting employees to help reach this balance include increased productivity, staff motivation and loyalty – so it’s a win-win for employers and employees.

Employers can download our ‘Family Friendly Employer Guide’ or they can listen to industry experts below on the benefits of being a Family Friendly Employer and how to implement practical polices.



Family Friendly Employer - Winner Interviews

Learn from previous winners of the Family Friendly Employer Awards:

  • how family friendly initiatives benefit their organisation
  • why they applied to the Family Friendly Employer Awards and how winning benefits their organisation
  • their plans for future family friendly policies.

Family Friendly Employer Awards

The Family Friendly Employer Awards, organised by Employers For Childcare, is an annual event to recognise those employers who provide and actively promote family friendly working policies. This is important as:

  • 91 % of parents report that it is difficult to combine work commitments with family responsibilities. More than three-quarters of parents find it more difficult to develop a career after having children.
  • Employees with supportive employers are more satisfied with their work-life balance. This contributes to increased productivity, staff motivation and loyalty.