Being a Family Friendly Employer

Employers For Childcare has been working with employers across all sectors for the past twenty years to help support them in offering family friendly policies and practices in the work place. We offer free, advice in the form of our Family Benefits Advice Service which offers information on employment legislation relating to maternity, paternity, shared leave and guidance on family friendly policies.

It’s widely accepted now that implementing family friendly policies (family friendly means supporting all employees who have caring responsibilities for dependents young and old) in the workplace boosts staff loyalty and increases staff retention. Employees with dependents need support and flexibility in order to balance their work and family, when an organisation harnesses a family friendly ethos its employees feel understood and valued not just as employees but as parents, grandparents, siblings and grandchildren.

Our own research shows that employees with supportive employers were more satisfied with their work-life balance. The benefits of supporting employees reach this balance include increased productivity, staff motivation and loyalty – so it’s a win-win for employers and employees. Helping your staff achieve a manageable work/life balance is key and we are here to help you. Download our ‘Family Friendly Employer Guide’ or listen to industry experts below on the benefits of being a Family Friendly Employer and how to implement practical and low cost polices.


Family Friendly Employer Awards 2019

If you feel your organisation supports its employees through Family Friendly policies then why not enter our Family Friendly Employer Awards 2019?

Now in their 9th year, our Awards recognise those employers who provide and actively promote family friendly working policies.

More details can be found in our designated awards pages. Take a quick look at last year’s awards ceremony below.