Information videos from our Family Benefits Advice Service

The trained advisors from our Family Benefits Advice Service share their expertise in this series of videos on a wide range of issues including support with childcare costs and other benefits that parents and families may be entitled to. Our team has been very busy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic responding to queries through our Freephone helpline and online advice service, and these are some of the most common issues we have been asked about.

Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare

Some advice for parents who use Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare to pay for childcare and how COVID-19 may have impacted parents using these forms of financial support.


Tax-Free Childcare and COVID-19. James Gallagher from the Family Benefits Advice Service answers some of the most frequently asked questions which have been coming in to the team, around Tax-Free Childcare and the impact of COVID-19 on parents claiming this form of financial support with their childcare costs.


Childcare Vouchers - advice for parents during COVID-19. Chris Briggs from the Family Benefits Advice Service advises parents on managing their Childcare Voucher account during COVID19, reminding them that they can continue to bank their Childcare Vouchers for future use as they are eligible for all forms of registered childcare.


Advice for those impacted by COVID-19

Some advice on the financial support available to those impacted by COVID-19, whether in terms of reduced hours, or an inability to work, perhaps due to contracting the virus or having to self-isolate due to close contact with someone who has tested positive.


Our Family Benefits Advice Service has received lots of calls from concerned parents facing childcare issues during the extended school half term break in Northern Ireland. Brenda McShane from the team reminds parents about how we can help identify financial support available, included with increased childcare costs.


Our Family Benefits Advice Service gets asked a lot if there is any financial support available to grandparents or other family members who help with childcare. Chris Briggs from the team outlines how some who are below state pension age may be entitled to claim National Insurance credits – known as “specified adult childcare credits” – towards their state pension, to cover any gaps in contributions.


Have you been made redundant as a result of COVID-19? Many people have contacted us concerned that this will mean an automatic move to Universal Credit, but this may not be the case. James Gallagher from Employers For Childcare's Family Benefits Advice Service explains the options available in terms of financial support.


Not able to work due to COVID-19? Perhaps you have had a positive test, or you or a family member is shielding? Or a school or childcare facility has had to close? Chris Briggs from our Family Benefits Advice Service advises on the financial support available for those unable to work due to COVID-19, including Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).


Have you been made redundant or are you being faced with possible redundancy? James Gallagher from our Family Benefits Advice Services outlines the various forms of support that may be available, including Jobseekers Allowance, Tax Credits, Universal Credit or, for some, Carers Allowance, depending on their circumstances.


How we can help you

Some information on the services provided by our charity’s Family Benefits Advice Service.


Do you have a child with special or additional needs? Did you know you may be entitled to financial support, including with the cost of childcare. Brenda McShane from our Family Benefits Advice Service outlines some of the support which may be available, including what to do when children who are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance turn 16.


The Family Benefits Advice Service is now providing online information and advice sessions for employers, parents groups, elected representatives and others - covering issues including the financial advice available to parents with childcare costs. Brenda McShane, one of our Family Benefits Advisors talks about this new service.


Benefit entitlements explained

Some useful information for parents on some of the benefits they may be entitled to.


What is Marriage Allowance and who is eligible? Brenda McShane from our Family Benefits Advice Service provides some information on Marriage Allowance, including who is eligible for this benefit and how to claim it. Marriage Allowance is available to eligible couples who are married or in a civil partnership, both born on or after 6 April 1935.


What is the Sure Start Maternity Grant and who is eligible? Brenda McShane from our Family Benefits Advice Service provides some information on the Sure Start Maternity Grant, which is available to eligible expectant or new parents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (not Scotland). Includes information on how to claim this support with the costs associated with a new baby.


Personalised advice and guidance available

These videos are intended to provide general advice and guidance around some of the most common questions our Family Benefits Advice Service responds to. The team is also available to provide personalised advice to individuals and families on issues affecting them, particularly at this challenging time. To speak to a member of the team, Freephone 0800 028 3008 or you can drop us an email to

Last year, where we completed a personalised ‘better off’ calculation, we identified an average of almost £3,500 in financial support for families, so it could be a call that is well worth making.