Childcare Vouchers

We operate the only Social Enterprise Childcare Voucher scheme in the UK

When you buy social - society benefits

Childcare Vouchers

Making savings for both you and your employees

By choosing to use our Childcare Voucher Scheme, you’re choosing to buy social. We reinvest 100% of our profits to fund our charity which provides an advice service for working parents and carries out vital research and policy work.  We are proud to be a social enterprise supplier providing a great service whilst at the same time improving the lives of working parents across the UK.

Switch your Childcare Voucher scheme to Employers For Childcare

Employers For Childcare is the only Social Enterprise Childcare Voucher provider in the UK. This means, just like any business, we make a profit but it’s what we do with this profit that sets us apart. As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profit to create positive social change. So how do we actually do this? 

The aim of our charity is to support working parents – making it easier for them to get into and stay in work.

We reinvest 100% of the profit we make from our social enterprise activities in to our charity.

We provide tailored information and advice on childcare, family and work-related issues coupled with personalised ‘better-off calculations’ for parents to make sure they are getting all the financial support they need to access and stay in work.

Our charity is two-fold, we administer a telephone helpline and an outreach service alongside carrying out research and lobbying work on behalf of parents.  Last year we helped 10,500 working parents and carried out 6,500 personalised benefits checks – working parents who received one of these checks, identified average savings of £4,130 as a result.  Now that’s positive social change in action!

Our clients are proud to work in partnership with us, and they represent all sectors across the UK, including Government, business, charities, universities and other social enterprises – the one thing they have in common is that they want to add social value to their purchasing choices!.

By switching to our Childcare Voucher Scheme, you are choosing to buy social.  The switching process is hassle free and our dedicated business team will guide you through each stage.