“MACS are really flexible to staff needs – bring your dog and kids to work! I never feel my life is compromised because of work pressures”

Emma McGinnity, HR & Admin Manager

In what way do family friendly initiatives benefit your organisation?

MACS’ key values focus on creating a work environment that is positive, healthy, enjoyable, fair, inclusive and forward thinking. We never want a staff member to feel like they are leaving their life to go to work, there should be a fluidity between your life at home and your life in the office. As a result we have an extremely low staff turnover and high staff retention rate of 97%, an absence rate of under 3%, 94% say Work Life policies have impacted positively on their team and 100% of staff are committed to MACS Culture and Ethos and proud to work here.

How has Employers For Childcare helped you / your organisation?

Many of our staff members are currently availing of the Employers for Childcare Vouchers and we have had representatives from Employers for Childcare visit the office for one to one advice sessions with staff to give guidance on what support is available to them.

Why did you decide to apply for the Awards?

We are constantly striving to improve and evolve our organisation based on innovation, interdependency and flexibility of our staff members, in the aim of providing a better service for our young people so the awards were a fantastic opportunity to evaluate and recognise what we already had in place and to learn from other entrants on how to continue to improve.

What did it mean to you winning this award?

We were privileged to win this award three years in a row and absolutely ecstatic to receive recognition for all the hard work and effort MACS invest in promoting flexibility in the workplace.

What did you enjoy the most about the Awards Ceremony?

The awards ceremony always has a real sense of occasion, it is a fantastic opportunity to network with other like-minded organisations, in a warm and friendly environment, with great food!

What do you hope to achieve in the future regarding family friendly policies?

We hope to continue to grow and develop our family friendly policies and promote our staff health and wellbeing strategy in line with the values and ethos of the organisation. We envisage 60% of staff to be availing of formal flexible working and are focusing on developing an autonomous workforce were everyone is a leader in the organisation as a new theme for 2018.