Worried about the cost of childcare over the summer?

Summer is here—and along with it comes bright nights, barbeques and holidays. For working parents though, summer also brings the arrival of school holidays and working out who will look after children when they are off school; or managing an additional childcare bill without breaking the bank.

Last year’s Childcare Costs Survey revealed that 28% of parents struggle to meet their childcare costs throughout the year.  A further 35% say that they ‘sometimes’ struggle with the bill, with many parents specifically referring to school holidays as a difficult time. Some parents end up taking unpaid leave or using the bulk of their annual holiday entitlement to ensure that their children are being looked after.

There is help available during the summer, including:

  • summer schemes that are registered as childcare providers,
  • year-round providers such as registered childminders, out-of-school clubs and day nurseries, and/or
  • using Childcare Vouchers, Tax Credits or Tax-Free Childcare to help meet bills.

Please note that some holiday schemes operate differently from standard childcare services (days/hours may differ, and they are not required to be registered). For those that are not registered, you will not be able to access financial support to help you with the cost.

Contact our free Family Benefits Advice Service on 028 9267 8200 for impartial and confidential advice on:

  • information on local childcare provision, and
  • a ‘better off’ calculation and benefit entitlement check to maximise your income by assessing your entitlement to financial support.