Time is running out for Tax Credit or Child Benefit claimants with a Post Office Card Account to set up a new account

From 30 November 2021, HMRC will stop making payments into Post Office Card Accounts. This means that any Tax Credits, Child Benefit or Guardian’s Allowance customers who receive their benefits or payments via a Post Office Card Account have until then to set up a new bank account and notify HMRC of the details so they can continue to receive their payments. Any suspended payments will be held and then paid to the customer once they notify HMRC of their new bank details.

HMRC is writing to people who are affected by this change asking them to provide alterative bank account details as soon as possible.

If customers already have an alternative bank account, they can contact HMRC now to update their details. If they do not have an alternative, they should set up a new bank, building society or credit union account to receive their money.

Contacting HMRC

Individuals should contact HMRC to provide alternative bank account details for payments to be paid into as soon as possible. HMRC contact details are available on the GOV.UK website, for tax creditschild benefit and guardian’s allowance.

Advice and guidance

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