School uniform grant in Northern Ireland increased by 20% for the new school year

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen has announced that the school uniform grant will be increased by 20% to help support low income families in Northern Ireland, at an investment of £1.04 million.

The school uniform grant is designed to help eligible families with the cost of specific items of school uniforms and clothing for PE for pupils at primary, post primary and special schools.

The new rates will apply for all applications for the 2022/23 academic year, and are set out in the table below:

Current rate Rate for 2022/23 academic year
Uniform PE Uniform PE
Primary £35.75 n/a £42.90 n/a
Under age 15 £51.00 £22.00 £61.20 £26.40
Over age 15 £56.00 £22.00 £67.20 £26.40


Making the announcement, Minister McIlveen recognised the pressure that the cost of purchasing school uniforms can put on families, and also called on schools to be mindful of this pressure:

“The cost of purchasing school uniforms can place significant financial strain on low income families. My department is currently undertaking a review of free school meals and the uniform grant. In the interim, in light of the cost of living crisis, I am allocating an additional £1.04 million to increase the uniform grant available this year to provide additional support to parents.

“I appeal to all schools to be mindful of families across Northern Ireland who are struggling financially, and the additional burden purchasing school uniforms can place on household budgets. Every effort should be made to ensure school uniforms are as affordable as possible, in line with my department’s guidance on this issue.”

Further information

You can read more about eligibility for a school uniform grant in the factsheet available on our website here.

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