#SaveChildcareVouchers campaign

Today Employers For Childcare kicks off the next phase of the #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign.  Back in March, the campaign successfully gained a six-month reprieve for the Childcare Voucher scheme to remain open to new entrants until October. But that doesn’t go far enough, many working parents – or parents to be – unable to join the scheme before then, stand to lose out. Employers For Childcare is rallying parents, childcare providers and employers to get behind the #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign once again and lobby MPs to halt the imminent closure of Childcare Vouchers to new entrants.

Aoife Hamilton, Policy and Information Manager at Employers For Childcare explains: “We are entering a critical phase of the #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign.  Employers For Childcare has been working tirelessly behind the scenes – on behalf of working parents, childcare providers and employers – to lobby and inform MPs and Government about the need to keep Childcare Vouchers open to new entrants alongside Tax-Free childcare.

“Employers For Childcare wants the Government in Westminster to step up and reverse its decision to close a form of financial support which helps hundreds of thousands of working families. It’s widely accepted Childcare Vouchers help parents transition into work, and to stay in work, by supporting them with the cost of childcare.  Childcare Vouchers are tried and tested, they work on the ground and provide real savings for real families. Why would Government take this much needed form of support away from those who need it most?

“We urge all parents, childcare providers and employers to #SaveChildcareVouchers and lobby their local MP.  Details on how to do this can be found on the lobbying page on our website, and sharing your views takes just a couple of minutes.  We are delighted several of our local MPs have endorsed the campaign to date, and have been working hard alongside us. We are grateful to them for their support, and are asking parents, childcare providers and employers to give them, and other MPs, the evidence they need in calling for a halt to the closure of Childcare Vouchers.”

“Working parents tell us they need flexibility and choice when it comes to paying for childcare, one solution does not fit all. Parents who are registered with the scheme can continue to benefit, however, new entrants will not be able to join after October. Current users who change jobs will not be allowed to remain in the scheme as they will be deemed a ‘new entrant’.

“Childcare Vouchers are a critical form of financial support for working parents, delivering up to £1,866 in annual savings for families. Therefore, we encourage all new parents and families who could benefit and are not registered with the scheme to do so now, rather than miss out. Alongside the #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign we are urging parents to make sure they know what support they are entitled to by calling our Family Benefits Advice Service on 028 9267 8200.”