Details announced for Government’s Pensioner Cost of Living Payment

The UK Government has confirmed the payment of the next in the series of cost of living payments that it introduced in response to the cost of living crisis. Those who receive the payments could receive up to £1,350 over the year. These support payments are being made in instalments to eligible households and are being rolled out through the benefits system, enabling payments to be made directly to households with no application process required.

What payments have been announced?

The Government has announced three types of support payments which will be payable depending on household circumstances. These are three separate cost of living support payments totalling £900 for low income households, a £300 pensioner payment and a £150 disability payment. Of these three payments, two payments for low income households and the disability payment have already been made.

The planned timeline for payments still to be made is as follows:

  • Winter 2023/24: A £150 or £300 pensioner payment paid along with the Winter Fuel Payment.
  • Spring 2024: The third £299 low income cost of living payment is due (payment date to be confirmed).

Those eligible to receive these payments do not need to do anything to apply. If you are eligible (or if you are found to be eligible at a later date) you’ll be paid automatically in the same way you receive your normal benefit payments. However, if you receive a cost of living payment, but are later found not to have been eligible, you may have to pay it back.

These additional cost of living payments, are not taxable and will not affect any of the benefits or tax credits you normally get.

Who is eligible?

Over the course of 2023-2024 you may be eligible for one, or more, of these cost of living support payments depending on your circumstances on a particular date or during a particular period.

The Pensioner Cost of Living Payment is payable only to those who are entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment for winter 2023 to 2024.

The Pensioner Cost of Living Payment will be paid along with the Winter Fuel Payment in November or December 2023. To be eligible you must have been born before 25 September 1957, and meet certain criteria during the qualifying week of 18 to 24 September 2024.

If you are entitled to the Winter Fuel Payment you will receive a letter telling you how much you will get and when to expect the payment. This amount will also include an extra £150 or £300 listed as the Pensioner Cost of Living Payment which will be paid along with your normal payment.

Further information on the Winter Fuel Payment, including eligibility criteria is available here.