Parents must act now to future proof childcare cost savings

Parents are being urged to register for Childcare Vouchers now before the Scheme closes to new entrants on 4 October 2018. New entrants are first time parents with babies born after the Scheme’s closure, families not registered before then and current users who change jobs after 4 October 2018.

Aoife Hamilton, Policy & Information Manager at Employers For Childcare said: “Working families are set to lose out on vital savings – up to £933 per parent, per year. Employers For Childcare can’t stress strongly enough how imminent this deadline is. To join, parents must have made a salary sacrifice through their payroll before 4 October.  Many companies run their payroll 4 to 6 weeks in advance, therefore parents need to take action now to avoid missing out on annual household savings of up to £1,866 towards the cost of childcare.”

“The message is clear, if you think your family may benefit from Childcare Vouchers now or in the future, sign up immediately.  Childcare Vouchers can be used not only for registered childminders or day nurseries but for school aged children’s breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and summer schemes.  If you’re unsure whether your family is eligible or not, call our charity helpline, the Family Benefits Advice Service on 028 9267 8200”.

Aoife also reminds parents: “It’s critical that we continue to put pressure on Government, highlighting the strength of feeling behind our #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign. We are delighted to have been supported by MPs including Emma Little-Pengelly and Lady Sylvia Hermon and to have received cross party support from our local MLAs. There is still time for concerned parents, employers and childcare providers to stand together by lobbying their MP to halt the closure of Childcare Vouchers”.