Employers For Childcare identifies £66 million in support for families

Marie Marin, Chief Executive at Employers For Childcare, said: “I am thrilled to launch our Social Impact Report on Social Enterprise Day 2019. Today we celebrate the positive contribution Employers For Childcare has made over the past 20 years. In that time, we have invested £6.7 million into our charity which includes the ‘Family Benefits Advice Service’, lobbying and policy and research work. This investment supports our team to deliver personalised benefits advice and to calculate savings towards the cost of childcare. As a result, we have identified collective financial support of £66 million for families across the UK.”

Marie continues: “We are also delighted to announce that our latest Social Enterprise project – High Rise, an inclusive indoor adventure centre – was also launched just this week. This project has been in development for over three years and represents an investment of £2.5 million, made possible by all those organisations who have chosen to ‘buy social’ and offer our Childcare Vouchers to their employees. As a Social Enterprise, 100% of the profits from High Rise will be invested to deliver social value, helping parents to get into, and stay in, work. So every time you and your family visit High Rise, as well as enjoying a fun day out, you know you’ll be making a difference to families across the UK.”

Launching this Social Impact Report in the run up to a General Election, Employers For Childcare is also encouraging all candidates and parties to highlight how they will ensure the Social Enterprise sector is at the heart of policy development, identifying innovative solutions to challenges and generating long term, positive social impact. The figures and findings reflected within this report demonstrate just how far every penny invested in ‘buying social’ can go towards helping those within our society who need it most and improving outcomes for everyone.

Download the Social Impact Report 2018/2019 here.