Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2010

The 2010 Childcare Cost Survey was the first to be carried out in Northern Ireland. The report presents the costs relating to different types of provision across the six counties.  In addition, it illustrates the particular challenges faced by families in accessing childcare services.

One of the key findings in the report was that on average families allocate 45% of their average weekly net salary to childcare costs for one child. Parents in Northern Ireland pay a proportionally higher percentage of their salaries on childcare than parents in England and Scotland.  As a result, families often struggle to meet their childcare costs and may have to compromise their work patterns in an attempt to reduce the overall costs.

Employers For Childcare Charitable Group has committed to carrying out an annual childcare cost survey.  This will enable us to draw comparisons and measure progress in this important area.  The results are also presented to our politicians at the Northern Ireland Assembly, to bring home to them the daily challenges that families face in meeting their childcare costs.