Thank you for your feedback!

Parents report a positive experience

Employers For Childcare Chief Executive, Marie Marin, would like to thank all parents who took the time to complete our recent parent satisfaction survey giving feedback on your experience of using Employers For Childcare Vouchers.  Marie said, “Having reviewed all of the feedback, I am delighted that so many parents are reporting a very positive experience and we will use the constructive comments and suggestions we received to ensure that this continues to be the case as well as to make further improvements to the system.”

What you told us

We received 1226 responses to the satisfaction survey. Parents report a very positive experience:

  • 97% are satisfied/very satisfied with the service provided by Employers For Childcare Vouchers.
  • 95% find the e-Vouchers system easy/very easy to use.
  • 99% would recommend Employers For Childcare Vouchers to a friend, colleague or employer.

Some of your comments:

“I have found using Childcare Vouchers very convenient indeed.  The process is very straightforward and easy to use. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

“I have used Employers for Childcare for just under 2 years and have not had a single issue with the service provided. I find it easy to use and navigate around. When I have needed technical help the phones are always answered in a quick professional manner and the matter has been resolved very quickly. This is a great site.”

“Excellent service, friendly and helpful team. Thank you.”

“The online system is very easy to use even for the very first time of use. The transfer is so quick, within a working day.”

While overall the feedback is very positive, there were some queries and suggestions for improvement including:

  • A small number of users of the e-Vouchers website indicated that they had experienced difficulties in logging on while others suggested creating a Mobile ‘app’.
  • Some parents would like to be able to increase the amount they salary sacrifice each month above the £243 upper limit.
  • Some respondents asked if it would be possible to have combined accounts with their partners while others wanted to allow their partner access to their account and the ability to correspond with Employers For Childcare about their account.
  • A small number of people had experienced issues getting through to us by telephone.
  • Finally, a few parents have experienced issues that relate directly to their employer’s operation of the scheme, for example, manual processing or late payments.

Our response

We continually review our service, our website and our materials to ensure that we are delivering the best service we can to the parents who are using Employers For Childcare Vouchers. Feedback has been shared across our teams to take forward. In the meantime we have provided some updates below:

  • While parents cannot combine separate accounts, a Voucher user can designate someone other than themselves to be a contact for their account. This will often be the other parent. We would be happy to facilitate this, please give us a call to arrange.
  • We have checked and the small number of parents who had difficulty trying to contact us by telephone were calling at a time when we were experiencing technical difficulties during a switch over of our phone system to a new provider. Those issues have now been resolved and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience those parents experienced.
  • We will continue to work with employers to support them in implementing the scheme in their workplace.

It is not possible to incorporate all suggestions as they may relate to issues that are outside of our control. For example, the upper limit on the amount that can be salary sacrificed (£243 per month) is set in law and is not something that we can change.

Remember, you can provide feedback at any time and contact us if you have any queries about your account. Email or call 028 9267 8200 to get in touch.

Thank you again for your feedback and congratulations to Karen Little who was the winner of the £50 Tesco Voucher!