Financial support towards the cost of school age childcare for working parents

Find out what financial support is available with wraparound childcare costs like breakfast and after school clubs.

With the start of September now here, many families are once again figuring out ‘wraparound’ childcare arrangements for school age children. Now is the time to find out what financial support is available with the cost of breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and other forms of registered childcare for older children – most working families are entitled to financial support with their registered childcare costs.

There are four main forms of support:

  • Tax-Free Childcare
  • Universal Credit
  • Tax Credits (now closed to new entrants)
  • Childcare Vouchers (now closed to new entrants)

Depending on your circumstances, working parents could save up to 85% on your registered childcare costs.

Additionally, parents in receipt of income-based benefits could receive a grant to assist with upfront childcare costs if they are moving back into work or significantly increasing their hours of work, through the Advisor Discretion Fund. Read more about this in our article here.

Don’t miss out on support you are entitled to. Our Family Benefits Advice Service can carry out a calculation and advise you which is the best form of support in your family’s circumstances – and potentially save you £1000s.

Personalised advice and guidance

Employers For Childcare’s Family Benefits Advice Service provides free, impartial and confidential advice to parents on the financial support their family is entitled to and can help families work out if they are eligible for support with the cost of registered childcare.

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