Letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

This year’s Autumn Budget is on Monday 29 October 2018. Employers For Childcare has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer calling on the Government to take this opportunity and use the Budget to re-open the Childcare Voucher scheme that closed to new entrants on 4 October 2018.

In the run up to, and following, the scheme’s closure, our charity’s Family Benefits Advice Service has been inundated hearing from distressed parents who have been negatively impacted. Enclosed with our letter, we provide examples of parents who have contacted us to highlight the impact on families, and to voice their plea to Government to re-open the scheme.  Thank you to those parents who have taken the time to share their story.

What parents have told us:
“Closing the door to new entrants has no positive outcome for the public. Our family is worse off by £600 each year because of this.”

 “It is ridiculous, given how much childcare costs, that the Government is taking away support from parents who want to go out to work.”

 “Without Childcare Vouchers, I would not be able to work the hours I do. Childcare Vouchers have literally given me the freedom to do my job properly, knowing that my children are safe.”

In September, we published our submission to inform the Autumn 2018 Budget. This provides clear evidence that keeping the Childcare Voucher scheme open to new entrants alongside Tax-Free Childcare is in the best interests of families, and can be easily achieved within the Government’s existing budget. By closing the scheme to new entrants, the Government has disregarded widespread public support and clear evidence which has been collated and presented to support keeping the scheme open.

We continue to monitor the number of parents who, as a result of the closure of Childcare Vouchers to new entrants, have been unable to join the scheme but would otherwise have been advised that this was the best form of support for them. We are asking parents, employers and childcare providers to Voice their Voucher story so we can keep up the pressure on Government to re-open the Childcare Voucher scheme to new entrants.

It’s easy to Voice your Voucher story!

Please note: all stories will be shared anonymously.

To Voice your Voucher story simply:

Call us: 028 9267 8200


Send us an email:  hello@employersforchildcare.org