Important change to rules regarding Statutory Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme reintroduced

The Government has reintroduced the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme (SSPRS) which applies across the UK.

Under the scheme, the Government will reimburse small and medium-sized employers’ Covid-19 related Statutory Sick Pay costs (£96.35 a week), for up to two weeks per employee.

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to make an SSPRS claim for Covid-19 related staff absences occurring from 21 December 2021 onwards. To qualify, employers must:

  • Be UK-based, with fewer than 250 employees (as of 30 November 2021),
  • Have had a PAYE payroll system in place (as of 30 November 2021 at latest),
  • Have paid their employees Covid-19 related Statutory Sick pay for absences from 21 December 2021 and before the date of their claim.

Claims can be made online via HMRC from mid-January 2022. The Government has confirmed that further guidance will be available as soon as possible.

Further information is available here.

New rules increase the number of days during which employees can self-certify sickness absence

Regulations, in force from 17 December 2021, temporarily increase the period of time during which an employee can self-certify a period of sickness absence from seven days to 28 days. This means employees do not have to provide medical evidence of sickness absence for statutory sick pay purposes, and is intended to free up GP time.

The regulations apply to periods of sickness that start during the period 17 December 2021 to 26 January 2022.

Further information is available here.