Employers For Childcare publishes updated factsheets and Childcare Voucher user guides for parents and employers

We have updated our Childcare Voucher user guides, Terms and Conditions and information factsheets in line with the new benefits rates and any other changes for the 2020/21 financial year, following the Chancellor’s Budget in March 2020.

Information factsheets

Our information factsheets are full of useful information for parents on childcare and work-related issues. If you are unsure about the financial support you are entitled to or would like more detailed information about childcare, financial support and benefit advice these factsheets can help.

Factsheets and information for parents are available on our website here, with information and guidance for employers available here.

Note: These factsheets may not take account of all of the latest Government support announced as part of the response to COVID-1, as this is constantly developing and changing as the crisis continues. It is, however, more important than ever that parents receive the most up-to-date information about financial support and welfare entitlements at this challenging time.

We would advise anyone with questions on this, to contact our charity’s Family Benefits Advice Service on 028 9267 8200, or by email to hello@employersforchildcare.org.

Childcare Voucher user guides and terms and conditions

A key update to our Childcare Voucher user guides and terms and conditions is to reflect a change to the rules in relation to salary sacrifice and the National Living and Minimum Wages.

Previously employees could not avail of Childcare Vouchers in cases where the salary sacrifice would bring their hourly rate below the National Living Wage / National Minimum Wage. However, new rules mean that this is no longer the case. In a change to previous rules in relation to salary sacrifice and the National Minimum or Living Wage, from April 2020 employers offering salary sacrifice and deductions schemes to employees will no longer be fined if the scheme brings payment below the National Minimum Wage rate for those employees. This includes salary sacrifice Childcare Voucher schemes.

This waiver is subject to strict criteria however – including that the worker has opted into the scheme and not been forced into it by their employer and has received the correct benefit as a result of the deduction.

Speak to a member of our Family Benefits Advice Service for guidance on how this may impact on you.