Employers For Childcare launches manifesto

Ahead of the local government elections in May, Employers For Childcare is highlighting key issues to be prioritised by policy-makers and political parties. These are set out in a Manifesto which also proposes actions that can be taken to benefit parents and families, the local labour market and economy, and society as a whole. Our five key asks are based on areas of need as evidenced through our own work and research.

  1. Invest in the childcare infrastructure our society needs

Our annual Childcare Surveys demonstrate that parents who don’t have access to affordable childcare face a barrier to participating in the labour market. Investment at all levels is required to secure a sustainable, quality, affordable childcare infrastructure.

  1. Ensure all families are accessing the financial help they are entitled to

Access to financial support can make a real difference for families. Elected representatives have a key role in ensuring parents know where to go for advice and guidance, helping to relieve pressures experienced by families. Employers For Childcare operates the free Family Benefits Advice Service, providing parents with information and personalised advice.

  1. Support employers and employees to benefit from family friendly working policies

Our research with parents and employers highlights the benefits to employers of supporting their staff to achieve a positive work-life balance. This includes increased productivity, staff motivation and loyalty. Elected representatives can help by encouraging employers to embed family friendly working cultures within their organisations.

  1. Support the growth of Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are businesses set up for social good. At a time when public finances are increasingly stretched, Social Enterprises can be well-placed to provide much needed services. Employers For Childcare is proud to be a Social Enterprise and recognises how the growth of this sector, promoted by elected representatives, can play a key role in addressing a range of economic and social issues.

  1. Reduce levels of economic inactivity by ensuring all parents have the option of getting into, staying in and progressing in work

Elected representatives must commit to working with employers, social enterprises, charities and others to target support where it is most needed to ensure all parents can get into and stay in paid work or education and training.

We are calling on our local elected representatives to put families in their local areas first by prioritising greater investment in childcare, creating supportive workplaces, reducing levels of economic inactivity and supporting the growing social enterprise sector. You can read the full version of our Manifesto here.