Childcare providers – help parents get financial support towards their childcare costs

Through our work with families, we know that there are many parents who are unaware that they are entitled to financial support with their registered childcare costs and are financially worse off as a result. Others may make the decision not to use formal childcare or may have to use fewer hours than they would like to.

Childcare providers are in a unique position to raise awareness of the financial support that is available to parents with registered childcare costs. This is a great way to support families, helping them save money, and potentially enabling them to work more hours and use more childcare. This in turn can help childcare providers to attract more parents, or secure additional hours, helping to make their businesses more sustainable.

With the rising cost of living affecting all of us – parents and childcare providers – now is an important time to raise awareness of the financial support that is available to families. It’s important to note that financial support is only available to parents who are using registered childcare providers.

How can childcare providers help parents to access financial support?

As a registered childcare provider, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure the parents who use your service are claiming all the financial support they are entitled to. Remember, most working parents will be entitled to help with their registered childcare costs.

  • Host the Family Benefits Advice Service – an advisor can attend an open day or evening to speak to parents who use, or are considering using your daycare facility or pre-school setting.
  • Sharing our leaflets with parents.
  • Sharing information in parent newsletters, such as the changes to help with childcare costs, including the move from Tax Credits to Universal Credits and Tax-Free Childcare replacing Childcare Vouchers.
  • Signpost parents to Employers For Childcare’s Family Benefits Advice Service, our team can tell parents exactly what they are entitled to.

This is a service that is free for both childcare providers and for parents, so why not make the most of this opportunity to let parents know how much they could potentially save towards your fees.

Here’s what some childcare providers have said having used the Family Benefits Advice Service:

 The advisor “was very informative and understanding of the needs of the parents in attendance …and …very happy to answer any questions and parents found the workshop very helpful.”

 “This session was a great way to help people who are currently confused about what their entitlements may be.”

 I called the helpline as a childcare provider and after speaking to an advisor I was “able to pass on the advice to a parent.”

 “Employers for Childcare have always been our first go to point for a client for advice.”

“It’s very clear, concise and jargon free which is helpful for users of our service.”

 Employers For Childcare is here to help

 We know that it can be complicated for parents to work out what financial support is available and that it is often the childcare provider who first get asked these questions. Employers For Childcare’s Family Benefits Advice Service is here to help. Childcare providers and parents can get in touch by emailing or call our Freephone Helpline 028 9267 8200 – to speak to an advisor. Our team can also offer information sessions for your staff or the parents using your service. Get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss how we can support you.