Bedroom Tax mitigation extended permanently in Northern Ireland

Employers For Childcare welcomes the passing of new legislation through the Northern Ireland Assembly which extends the mitigation of the ‘bedroom tax’ permanently, giving long term protection to many families, and helping to avoid the arrears and evictions seen elsewhere in the UK.

Making the announcement, Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey, commented: “By removing the end date for qualifying for support, this legislation will provide much needed and continued assistance to around 37,000 households, including some of the most vulnerable in society.”

The legislation also required the Department for Communities to monitor the operation of the bespoke welfare mitigation schemes to support future assessments, and consideration of other amendments to support people in Northern Ireland.

This announcement follows legislation passed earlier this year, closing existing ‘loopholes’ in the Welfare Mitigation Payments and extending provisions for three years, meaning more families are able to qualify for this support.

In welcoming this announcement we would also like to acknowledge the Cliff Edge NI coalition, of which we are pleased to be a member, for their tireless work to secure this vital support for families in Northern Ireland.

Further information

 For further information on welfare mitigation payments, and the closure of the bedroom tax and benefit cap loopholes, see our previous article here.

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