Are you claiming all the support your family is entitled to this winter?

Rising costs for energy, heating, electricity and especially rises in the cost of the normal weekly shop are all squeezing household budgets. Coupled with many homeowners having had an increase on their mortgage payments and landlords increasing rents, most households are really feeling the financial strain this winter, more severely than ever before.

While the government has announced some vital support towards energy costs through this winter, we know that many will still struggle given the substantial increases in outgoings that families are facing, and it is still not clear what further support may be offered in the new year. For now, households will benefit from the Energy Price Guarantee, capping the unit price of electricity and gas until April 2023. All households should also receive a £400 discount on their electricity bill through the Energy Support Scheme with homes which use home heating oil to receive a further £100 which will be paid as a discount to their electricity bill.  These payments will be made automatically and do not need applied for – read more here.

Households in receipt of means tested benefits should also automatically receive the second instalment of the £650 cost of living payment that was announced back in May.

With costs rising across the board, including for childcare, we are urging all families to make sure they are receiving all the financial support they are entitled to this winter. A change in circumstances, whether that’s moving into work, using additional childcare or costs increasing, may mean you are now eligible for support that you wouldn’t have been able to claim previously. This additional income, no matter how small, could make a significant difference to your household budget at this difficult time.

Our advisors know just how busy this time of year can be, so why not call our Family Benefits Advice Service to ensure you know exactly what support you are entitled to, and how to apply for it. Our skilled advisors are available on 028 9267 8200 or email We provide advice and guidance on a wide range of support including Tax-Free Childcare, Universal Credit, Tax Credits and disability or social security benefits – and the additional support that the government is providing during this cost of living crisis.