Additional funding allocated to support low-income families of children with a disability

The Family Fund is a charity in Northern Ireland which supports families who have a child with a disability or who is seriously ill. In a recent survey carried out by the organisation, over 80% of the respondents, who were families with disabled children in Northern Ireland, reported being financially worse-off, compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Health Minister in Northern Ireland, Robin Swann MLA, has recently provided the Family Fund with £500,000 of additional funding to support approximately 1,000 more families facing challenging fuel and energy costs and, as we come out of the pandemic, to provide support with the additional pressures and extra costs associated with raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person.

The Family Fund is now urging families living on low incomes in Northern Ireland, with disabled or seriously ill children or young people aged 17 and under, to apply for urgent grant support for essential items, to see them through these final winter months.

This extra grant support could provide families with essential items, including children’s clothing; white goods such as a cooker, fridge or freezer; sensory or specialist play equipment or technology for children and young people, and assistance with much needed family breaks.

Families are asked to apply for a Family Fund grant before the start of March, by visiting

For more information on benefits entitlements, including how a child or other family member being in receipt of a disability benefit can affect your overall benefit entitlement, contact our Family Benefits Advice Service for personal advice and guidance on 028 9267 8200 or email