£1 million investment reaps over £13 million in savings for parents

Today – national Social Enterprise Day [15 November 2018] – Employers For Childcare launches its ‘Social Impact’ Report.  The report analyses the economic and social impact of the organisation’s work and shows how it is making a difference to the lives of the thousands of families it works for and with, across the UK – whether that is supporting unemployed parents back into the workforce, or identifying vital savings for working parents who are paying for childcare.

Marie Marin, Chief Executive at Employers For Childcare, said: “We are delighted to launch our Social Impact Report on Social Enterprise Day 2018. This is a day to celebrate the positive impact Social Enterprises have and the contribution they make to their communities and beyond.  Employers For Childcare is proud to announce that our social enterprise has generated nearly £1 million this year which we’ve invested directly into our charity which includes the ‘Family Benefits Advice Service’, lobbying and policy and research work.  This investment allowed our staff to support more than 13,600 parents, an increase of over 30 per cent on last year. Many parents received either a personal benefits check or calculated savings towards the cost of childcare – the cumulative total of support and savings identified was £13.2 million. That’s £13.2 million back into parents’ pockets, and the wider economy, across the UK – now that’s positive social change in action.”

Marie continues: “Employers For Childcare is the only Social Enterprise Childcare Voucher company in the UK. When a company chooses to ‘Buy Social’ by using our Childcare Vouchers, for every employee they switch to our Voucher scheme, our advisors can facilitate 17 advice sessions for parents.   So not only are they investing in their staff, but they are supporting working families across the UK too.  This Social Enterprise Day we would encourage all businesses to think about how their purchasing power can bring about social change by enlisting the services of Social Enterprises in their supply chain, for anything from printing and office supplies to catering, recycling and training – and certainly their Childcare Vouchers! For more details on how to Buy Social visit Buy Social NI or the Buy Social Directory”.

Download the Social Impact Report 2017/18 here.