Childcare For All

Employers For Childcare is one of a network of organisations that have come together to form the Childcare For All campaign, calling for universal, child-centred childcare that meets the needs of children, families, childcare workers and providers and benefits society. We have developed a Childcare For All Charter setting out a vision of a childcare system that is affordable, accessible, flexible, high quality, and which supports children’s education and development. We also want to see the value of childcare work recognised with decent pay and terms and conditions.

The launch of the Charter took place on Tuesday 1 May 2018 at Stormont, and Employers For Childcare, along with the WRDA (Women’s Research and Development Agency) and the other members of the network, was delighted to support this successful event.  The launch was attended by parents, children’s organisations, women’s organisations, trade unions and umbrella bodies.  We were delighted that it attracted attendance from across a range of public bodies as well as MLAs from all parties.  There was a very thorough and wide-ranging discussion of many of the issues connected to childcare, including the gender pay gap and child poverty – all of which could be addressed by a childcare system that better meets the needs of children and families.

Watch this space for further information, we will be sharing updates as the campaign develops.

Download the Charter by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.