Services for employers

Anyone working with children or vulnerable adults is required, by law, to apply for AccessNI Enhanced disclosure certificates. This can be a time consuming part of the recruitment and onboarding process for employers.

As a registered umbrella body, Employers For Childcare can fully manage AccessNI applications on your behalf. Our services include:

  • processing, submitting and receiving AccessNI checks on your behalf
  • identity checking by reviewing an applicant’s passport or driving licence and proof of address
  • tracking an application
  • Applying for Disclosure Certificates

When an employer requires standard or enhanced criminal checks, they must either register with AccessNI to complete the checks themselves, or use an umbrella body, such as Employers For Childcare.

You may wish to use Employers For Childcare to carry out your AccessNI checks because:

  • you require less than 20 criminal record checks each year
  • it’s more cost effective for your organisation
  • it’s quicker – you don’t have to wait four weeks to be registered by AccessNI
  • it’s less hassle and less paperwork – you don’t have to undergo annual compliance audits
  • you want to support a Social Enterprise, which invests 100% of its profits into supporting parents, employers and childcare providers.

We charge an administration fee of £15+VAT per application (reduced administration fee of £10+VAT per application for childcare providers).

So why not allow us to manage your AccessNI checks, and save you both time and money during your next recruitment campaign?

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