Research and Reports

Influencing government policy

Employers For Childcare’s research primarily seeks to evidence the issues parents and families face in relation to childcare, work and employment. Our findings are used to influence government policy and underpin our own service delivery.

Our research reaches far and wide, including a contribution to an international collection of reports on the costs of raising children published by Edward Elgar, or more locally an analysis of childcare and the rising rate of child poverty in the Child Poverty Alliance’s Beneath the Surface report.

We conduct the annual Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey which is well recognised across the sector and with politicians and policy makers alike.

Latest research and reports

Surveys are an important research tool which enable us to collect data for our reports. We use surveys to acquire statistical data about families as well as to collect qualitative data relating to the opinions of families.

Choosing Childcare in Northern Ireland

This report explores over 1,000 local parents' experiences of looking for childcare for the first time.

Choosing Childcare in Northern Ireland: A First Time Parent’s Guide

This five part guide provides easy-to-read descriptions of the various types of childcare available in Northern Ireland.

‘How to Be a Family Friendly Employer’ Guide

This guide has been created for employers who are beginning to develop a family friendly approach to working.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2015

New findings from our sixth annual Childcare Costs Survey show that the cost of childcare in Northern Ireland continues to rise.

Striking the Balance: the impact becoming a parent has on working life, employment and career

The Striking the Balance report outlines the challenges that working parents in Northern Ireland face today.

Childcare Costs Reports: Why do we publish them?

Following numerous comments on social media about our Childcare Cost Survey, we thought we would provide some additional information.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2014

Our fifth annual childcare cost survey shows that the cost of childcare continues to rise, with the average full-time place costing £162 per week.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2013

Childcare costs continue to be on the rise, with an average full-time place now costing £158 per week.

Managing Expectations- A Survey of New Mums and Dads

This report focuses on new parents in Northern Ireland and the factors which influence their decisions about taking maternity and paternity leave.

Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2012

The Northern Ireland Childcare Cost Survey 2012 paints a worrying picture for families in Northern Ireland.