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Working For Parents

Established in 1998 as a community project, Employers For Childcare has grown to encompass a charity and three successful Social Enterprises. The core aim of the organisation is to support parents – making it easier for you to get into work and to stay in work.

Helping to break down the barrier that the lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents underpins our work. Our ethos is to address childcare, not only as a social issue, but also as a labour market and economic issue.

Our charitable work comprises of a Family Benefits Advice Service, providing information and advice on a wide range of childcare and work-related issues. We also undertake both qualitative and quantitative research, which provides us with the evidence to lobby Government on childcare, family and work-related concerns.

The Charity is supported and complemented by our Social Enterprise activities including a Childcare Voucher scheme, a training service and a childcare service. 100% of the profit made from our Social Enterprises is donated to fund the Charity.

We use a capital ‘F’ in our name, ‘Employers For Childcare’ to emphasise the fact that this is a statement of action, ‘For’ meaning ‘in support of’.

Employers For Childcare Charitable Group is a registered charity with charitable registration number 101176.

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