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Working For Parents

Our charity works directly with parents through our Family Benefits Advice Service and for parents through our research, policy and lobbying work.

Our core aim is to support parents – making it easier to get into work and to stay in work – by addressing the barrier that a lack of affordable childcare presents to working parents. Our ethos is to address childcare, not only as a social issue, but also as a labour market and economic issue.

We use a capital ‘F’ in our name, ‘Employers For Childcare’ to emphasise the fact that this is a statement of action, ‘For’ meaning ‘in support of’.

Employers For Childcare is a registered charity with charitable registration number 101176.

Read what employers say about our FBAS team

Our Family Benefits Advice Service is available to host information sessions in local businesses and other organisations that would benefit from family benefits advice:

‘Employers For Childcare were extremely flexible with regards to arranging and conducting the presentations for our organisation and provided the most up-to-date advice on changes as soon as they  received them. We will have no hesitation in using Employers For Childcare again for further presentations and are pleased to continue working with them.’


‘I found your session extremely useful and more importantly, the staff did also! It was really great that you remained impartial and highlighted facts and quirks of the scheme as well as differences etc. it was extremely useful to have a representative come onsite rather than direct staff to read material online. As for the 121 sessions, I have received positive feedback as this is where employees received advice on the most beneficial/ cost saving scheme for them. These sessions were quick, painless and honest which was most appreciated. Overall you were very professional and presented information in a straightforward, understandable manner. You were also flexible on the day with a back to back schedule, so thank you for coming in and your patience on the day!’

Marie-Claire McNally, Kainos

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