Policy Manifesto

Our Manifesto spells out the key policy issues which we believe should be prioritised by policy makers and political parties. Each of our key asks are based on areas of need which are evidenced by our own work and research.

The Manifesto sets out the issues and proposed actions that must be addressed by Government not only for the benefit of parents and families, but also the local labour market and economy:

1) Address the problems associated with childcare provision urgently

  • Publish and implement the Northern Ireland Childcare Strategy as a matter of urgency.
  • Ensure adequate funding is available to finance the strategy.

2) Raise awareness of the financial help available to families

  • A commitment to ensure that all parents are aware of the financial support available to help them with the cost of childcare.
  • Implement a wide ranging, multi-platform, promotional campaign, similar to the ‘Make the Call’ campaign, targeted at parents.

3) Encourage the use of Family Friendly Working Policies

  • Promote and encourage employers to implement family friendly working policies.
  • End maternity discrimination by taking on board and implementing the proposals outlined in the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland report.

4) Support the growth of Social Enterprise

  • Introduce a Social Value Bill in Northern Ireland.

5) Tackle economic inactivity

  • Make funds available to implement the Economic Inactivity Strategy.

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