Policy Manifesto

Key policy issues to be prioritised

Employers For Childcare is highlighting key issues to be prioritised by policy-makers and political parties.

These are set out in a Manifesto which also proposes actions that can be taken to benefit parents and families, the local labour market and economy, and society as a whole.

Our five key asks are based on areas of need as evidenced through our own work and research:

1) Invest in the childcare infrastructure which our society needs

Invest at all levels to secure a sustainable, quality, affordable childcare infrastructure underpinned by:

  • a costed Childcare Strategy
  • a legal framework
  • learning from other jurisdictions.

2) Ensure all families are accessing the financial help they are entitled to

  • Commit to ensuring that all parents are aware of the financial support available to help them with the cost of childcare.
  • Signpost all parents, childcare providers and employers to support or to advice giving services, and proactively promote this information.

3) Support employers and employees to benefit from family friendly working policies

  • Highlight the benefits to employers of implementing family friendly working policies through training, mentoring and promotion of the Family Friendly Employer Awards.
  • Ensure a family friendly working culture is embedded at all levels of Government.

4) Support the growth of Social Enterprise

  • Introduce Social Value legislation that requires tenders to incorporate social value to achieve long-term positive social impact.
  • Ensure that all tenders contain social clauses and weighting based on value for money, not simply the lowest price.

5) Reduce levels of economic inactivity by ensuring all parents have the option of getting into, staying in and progressing in work

  • Work with employers, social enterprises, charities and others to target support where it is most needed to ensure all parents can get into and stay in work.

We are calling on our elected representatives to put families in their local areas first by prioritising greater investment in childcare, creating supportive workplaces, reducing levels of economic inactivity and supporting the growing social enterprise sector. You can read the full version of our Manifesto here.